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You Don't Need to Be a Computer Genius to Have Secure Passwords

Make Your Passwords Wicked Strong

You’re trying your best to be secure online but your passwords are a mess.  Perhaps you’ve heard of LastPass but don’t know where to start.  Or you may be wondering if you should even trust it!

You will learn how to use LastPass and use it well.  You will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of LastPass.  And you will learn best practices to keep your accounts secure.

Per Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report 81% of breaches leveraged stolen or weak passwords.  Don’t let that happen to you!

This book will teach you how to use LastPass to make your Passwords Strong.  Wicked Strong.

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LastPass Guide

Level Up Your Security: The LastPass Guide is Loaded with Information

  • Simple, Concise Explanation of LastPass Features so you can use them regardless of Skill Level
  • The difference between the Free and Various Paid Plans to help you decide what plan you should use
  • How to setup an account and choose a strong Master Password so you can get started on the right foot
  • Installing LastPass so that it integrates with your browser
  • How the LastPass Vault works, and what data is not encrypted
  • Action Items at the end of each section to make your next steps easy
  • Pro Tips throughout the book so that you get the best out of LastPass
  • How to use the different item types to store specific types of data
  • Learn how to Generate Secure Passwords
  • Using Form Fills to Save Time entering Credit Card Data
  • Multi Factor Authentication and why you need to be careful with SMS
  • Setting up a Security Email address that's different than the one you give out
  • How to Share Passwords securely with your business partners, friends, and family
  • Setup Emergency Access so that your data is available to family after your Death
  • Quickly scan all your accounts for breaches
  • How to securely travel internationally with your LastPass data
  • Battle Tested Security Best Practices in my Bonus Essential Security Layers Appendix based on Two Decades of Experience

What People Say

"I personally think Ben NAILED IT! I now know that I have been using about 1% of LastPass capability for years! Truly has opened my eyes and I will get so much more out of this product without paying a dime more!"
Kirk Gee
"Online security is no joke, and Ben is definitely the voice to listen to on this subject! This guide is packed with helpful tips that are easy to follow, even for a total beginner like me. You should buy this book and put it into practice right away."
Steve Baehr
"This guide taught me the ins and outs of LastPass quickly. I can spend more time running my business instead of keeping track of accounts with my various suppliers and manufacturers."​
Jeff Yesensky
Business Owner
"As a busy mom with two kids, I don't have a lot of time to figure out how to keep my passwords secure. And I worry every time my husband travels overseas that he'll lose his passport (yet again) and be stuck in a foreign country for good! Ben's easy-to-follow guide has given me one less thing to stress about. His quick checklists are perfect for those of us without a lot of extra time to spare."
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris
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  • LastPass Guide eBook (PDF) including my Essential Security Layers in Appendix E
  • Bonus: Quick Checklist if you're in a hurry
  • Bonus: Securing Windows 10 Checklist

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  • Essential Security Layers in Appendix E
  • Bonus Get Started with LastPass Checklist
  • Bonus Securing Windows 10 Checklist

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