Amazon Affiliate

This site participates in Amazon’s Affiliate program.  If while writing a blog post I link to an Amazon product I will make it an Affiliate link and make a commission off the sale if you purchase that item from Amazon (or any other item within a certain time period).

DigitalOcean, Ting, Vultr

I have referral links to DigitalOcean, Ting, and Vultr.  I usually receive payment in the form of service if you sign up for service using my referral link.

Cell Phone Plan Partnership

I have a partnership with Jason Mills and I do receive a commission if you purchase a cell phone plan from him and mention you were referred by “b3n.org”

No Free Products Received

I do not accept free products or services in exchange for a review.  All products or services that I write about are things that I have purchased with my own funds.  To maintain the quality of the posts on this site I won’t write a blog post about a product that doesn’t meet my standards of quality.  Only the best is good enough.

How are Commissions Used?

Almost half of it is used to pay for Federal and States taxes on the commissions.  The other half is usually used to fund technology for future blog posts.  By using my referral links you help to support the U.S. Federal government, the state of Idaho, and this blog.