I’m Ben, I live in the United States of America, in North Idaho with my wife, Kris, and son, Eli.



This website has been up (not all the time) since May, 2, 2001, originally hosted from a Red Hat Linux computer in my Biola University dorm room, accessible only by an internal IP address and running a custom PHP framework I built.  Most of the time I’ve hosted this site from my closet, but internet in Idaho is so slow and unreliable the site is now on DigitalOcean.  I write about a variety of topics.  Here are the main categories I post in:


My dad brought home an Intel 8088 with (8MHz Turbo!).  I’ve been working in technology for 15 years.

What is my favorite … ?
License: MIT
Linux Distro: Ubuntu
Server Hardware: Supermicro
Laptop: Dell E5450 (with a docking station)

My favorite OS is FreeBSD, although I am quite familiar with DOS, Linux, Windows, OSX, and Solaris/illumos.  Anything related to computers, technology, machines, security, storage, robots  etc.

A great site for tech news is: Ars Technica


I’ve been using Quicken for as long as I can remember.  I started with Quicken for DOS, and I’ve had an interest in personal finance since then.  I think all I post in this category is our annual automobile operating costs.  If you’re interested in Finance / Investing take a look at the Bogleheads.


Posts on Christianity, Religion, Reason, Politics, are posted in this category.  My beliefs are founded on the Bible.  I put my trust solely in Jesus Christ the Son of God, who died on the cross to take the penalty for our sins and gives eternal life to anyone who believes in Him.

Some great resources: Kootenai Community Church (my church, lots of good sermons, articles, book reviews), Alpha and Omega Ministries (James White, my favorite apologist, excellent YouTube channel), Justin Peters (Critique of Word of Faith Movement), Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham, great creation resources).


Everything else.  These are misc posts that don’t fit anywhere else.

Best resource for this is: Dilbert.


Here’s my public pgp key and here’s the hash of my key: (SHA256: 809cc83b77dc235c37721a62c1cfd37f54c580f53b6242c36e74088b505dec0c).


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Ben!
    I spent the last 6 weeks for learning and working with zfs.

    I just can’t get good sequential read speed via iscsi + zfs. i’s just doesn’t work.

    I ‘d like to know – have struggled with that ever? Could you give some advice ?

    It’s just works when we speak about writings , and just doesn’t when we speak about sequentila reading.

    Alex K.

  2. Hey Ben, Was looking for your email on your page but could not find it. Are you still using UDP from Verizon? Can you guide me with some assistance via email?

  3. Stumbled across your blog reading about some zfs nonsense. Dig the Blog! I also reside in Idaho. Cheers Man thanks for the resource!

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