Snowplow Proof Mailbox

Last Saturday our mailbox was taken out by a snow plow! This was a job for something besides duct tape (although that did cross my mind). I ran down to the hardware store but couldn’t find a support arm that would fit the post. I couldn’t find any mailbox support arms. Actually I’m not good … Read more

Practical Fountain Pens

“These scissors don’t work, can you pass me yours?  Thanks.   Hmm… these don’t work either.  Did they work for you?  They did?!  How did you get them to work!”  It is embarrassing to be the only kid in class who doesn’t know how to use scissors.  Although it was odd that these scissors didn’t … Read more


Eli picked this tree for his tree fort. Draw up plans… Attach a couple of 2 x 10s using 1/2 inch lag screws. Install Hurricane Ties. Add 2x6s on top of the beams.  Eli wanted to drill in the screws so I turned the torque all the way down and let him have a shot … Read more

Hoppin’ John

I didn’t get a chance to make my annual King Cake this year for Eli’s birthday since I was away most of the day.  But when I got home Kris surprised me by making not only gluten-free dairy-free King Cake …but also Hoppin’ John! A popular New Years’ meal, Hoppin’ John was traditionally eaten in … Read more

Ben’s Banned Popcorn Recipe

You May Die From Eating This Please read about how bad coconut oil is from the liberal CSPI organization (linked removed because it’s dead) and learn all about the danger of Coconut Oil from Michelle Obama (link removed because it’s dead) and the CDC (link removed because it’s dead) before proceeding. The secret to great popcorn is coconut oil … Read more