22182 Notes. Evernote to Apple Notes (Fail) to DEVONthink.

I’m looking for a scan of a blue note, and I simply can’t find it in Evernote. Evernote versions 4 and 5 were the prime of Evernote. Kris and I used it extensively as our document management system, document knowledge management, and notetaking application. It was a great way to organize things. Every note, every … Read more

Supermicro Fan Speed Script

2U Supermicro servers are my go-to. These are much quieter than 1U servers, but the fans spin at 8800RPM. The IPMI fan modes available are Full (9000RPM), Heavy IO (6000RPM), and Optimal (supposed to auto-adjust). Unfortunately, setting the Fan Mode to Optimal seems to have a floor speed of 4500RPM, which is too loud. Even … Read more

Faster Cloudflare Worker for Plausible Analytics | ~Zaraz

Shave 100ms off the Plausible Analytics POST response, making it as fast as Cloudflare Zaraz GA4 I moved over to Plausible Analytics; I had been using JetPack Stats. But I’ve never been happy with the (1) extra 3rd party DNS lookup, (2) large JavaScript payload, (3) cookies, and (4) sending data to a 3rd party. … Read more

Work Management Tools

Whoever is slothful will not roast his game,    but the diligent man will get precious wealth. — Proverbs 12:27 LSB Before hitting the tools, I categorize my work into the following areas: Here are the tools I use to manage projects & tasks. Tasks (Microsoft To Do) For tasks I use Microsoft To Do–I started using … Read more

Prusa Mini+ 3D Printer Review

I’ve been running an Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer. But I wanted a workhorse, so I got a Prusa Mini+. The main features I was after: Batteries not included; some Assimilation is Required… It took eight months from the time I ordered it to being fully operational. But once it’s up and running, it works … Read more

LastPass Breach and Alternatives

By now, almost everyone has heard of the LastPass breach. Most cybersecurity professionals are taking a well-reasoned approach that we need to take action but let’s do it right. Here are my thoughts: First off, I must compliment LastPass on two things: LastPass had tools in place to detect data exfiltration. I suspect several password … Read more