Disclosures & Privacy Policy

This site, b3n.org, is operated by B3N LLC.  For this disclosure and privacy policy the terms “us”, “we”, and “our” refer to B3N LLC and the employees, owners, and staff as well as any consultants that operate this site and related services and the platforms, servers, and services that are used.

Affiliate Disclosures

This site participates in Amazon’s Affiliate program.  We will make a commission off the sale if you purchase an item from Amazon by following one of our affiliate links.

This site also participates in affiliate programs from DigitalOcean, Cloudways, Ting, Vultr, and Home Depot.  We receive a commission or referral fee if you use one of our affiliate links and then purchase a product or service.

Privacy Policy


Logging.  This site logs access to the website and other services.  Logs may be reviewed for development, testing, diagnosing issues, research, handling traffic spikes, analysis on DDoS attacks, etc.  We may share logs with 3rd parties for assistance in analyzing security, performance optimization, analyzing and preventing attacks, etc.

Logs on this site may be reviewed at will by B3N LLC and it’s staff and consultants.

Cookies.  This site uses cookies and 3rd party cookies for tracking purposes.  Most browsers have the ability to disable cookies if you do not want them.

Tracking.  This site uses Google Analytics, Jetpack, ConvertKit, and others to track site statistics which may include all sorts of information about you.

Submitted Information.  This site collects and keeps information you submit to us.  This includes anything you may email, fax, phone, text, submit in a contact form, feedback form, a comment, mail arriving in our physical mailbox or PO Box, or any other method.  The data collected includes but is not limited to your IP address, your email address, a website url if you choose to provide it, the contents of your comment or message, and any other information you provide.  This site uses 3rd party services (Jetpack and ConvertKit) to provide email subscriptions.

Comments are Public.  The comments posted to this site are visible to the public.

Removing Comments/Content.  Comments may be deleted at our sole discretion.  We reserve the right to delete a comment for any reason.  Please keep your comments spam free, clean, and civil.

By accessing this site you may also be accessing 3rd party services that this site uses such as Gravatar, Automattic, WordPress.com, Cloudflare, ConvertKit, and other services.


This site uses SSL encryption where possible to protect your privacy.  SSL provides a layer of security to prevent 3rd parties from knowing what content you access, but is not foolproof.

Disclosure of Your Information

B3N LLC does not normally disclose information to 3rd parties, but may disclose any information you have provided via submitted information, logs created by your access, etc.   In some circumstances B3N LLC may disclose your information such as (1) with your consent; or (2) when we believe it is required by law.