Dumpster Diving

We used to have a homeless guy or two come by our dumpsters and salvage the soda cans and glass bottles. Not anymore. Now people driving nice cars, Toyota Corollas, Ford Rangers, etc. are salvaging the recyclables.  Times must be getting tough.

Predictions for 2009

1. Interest rates will go up as the U.S. Dollar falls against foreign currencies when Ben Bernanke prints money to pay off foreign lenders and to fund stimulus packages. 2. Apple will come out with a larger touchscreen device, maybe a book reader? 3. Ford, GM, and Chrysler The United Federal Auto Manufacturer Company will start to develop … Read more

New Years Resolutions

For 2009 I’ve made a few resolutions, here are two of them… 1. Cut as much high fructose corn syrup out of my diet as possible. The hardest part here is soda, but there are sodas made with real sugar that Kris and I have been trying. But it also means giving up some of … Read more

More Days of Advent

On the 22nd Day of Advent I found my sandals!! On the 23rd Day of Advent we exchanged gifts with our neighbors. Kris made them some sort of spice thing in a jar that you rub on food. We got cookies cooked madedecorated by our neighbors’ kids!

On the 21st Day of Advent

On the 21st day of Advent Kris wasn’t feeling well so we ditched church, I went to Jacob’s class where we talked about things too disgusting to mention here. Then I took Kris to the Royal Falconer British Pub for lunch (Kris had tea and a burger and I had Shrimp Scampi, peas and chips). … Read more

2006-03-26 23:25:00

2006-03-26 23:25:00

T-Hunt one..forgot camera. The worst post ever…
Our fist t-hunt team was off to a late start as we finish building the yagi 10 minutes after the hunt begins. Taking a few directional measuresments we quickly find that it’s coming from North of Norton, but the signal is weak…five hours later we found the transmitter after a lot of hints from the hiders. For our first T-Hunt we didn’t do too bad, I believe we came in fourth place. 

Sorry guys. Avid readers Vanessa and Jason pointed out this post makes no sense (and Jason was there). After reading it again I believe it is the worst post in the history of my blog. Therefore I am striking it forever.

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