2001-05-03 11:43:00

2001-05-03 11:43:00
…the systems were so busy I couldn’t even log in until 30 hours after registration began…… All I could get for next semester is 13 units. I talked to my Computer Science secretary and we tried 6 classes and they were all closed…
I went down to the Philosophy department and they said they would only let me in if I HAD to take it because it was my senior year or something like that and their secretary was gone so I couldn’t get on the waiting list. So English is closed, five out of five science classes I tried are closed, Philosophy is closed, and I’ve only tried three P.E. classes and they’re all closed. Its rather annoying. Registration closes tomorrow and I’ve got homework to do so I’m not going to wory about it. If I pay over 20 grand Biola should be responsible enough to provide enough slots for the classes i need. –frustrated 

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