2002-09-16 17:41:00

2002-09-16 17:41:00
I started my new job as …hmmm I’m not sur ewhat my title is. I’m a webmaster of some sort working in network services. They gave me a Sun Solaris workstation. After installing Solaris 8 on it I am dissapointed. Just to get an SSH CLIENT installed (which comes standard with most flavors of Unix and is a simple 1MB download for Windows and Macintosh) I had to download a openssl, openssh, gcc, libgcc, prmdg, and a 70MB OS patch collection! I worked on it for 8 hours and it was still installing the OS patches when I left work.  

I’ll wait on forming my final opinion until I get it working. But right now, Solaris doesn’t even compare to Linux or BSD.

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