2002-09-28 13:03:00

2002-09-28 13:03:00
Scenario for Company: employees don’t regularly backup files. some files need to be shared across network. some employees have laptops. os varies from win98 to winxp. company needs to connect ~10 computers to the internet with 3 IP addresses. …budget for project: low. 

Solution: requires 1 server with FreeBSD, IPFW (firewall), ISC-DHCP, NAT (gateway) and Samba (to emulate Windows file sharing). 2x15GB HD. 256MB Ram, Dual Ethernet ports. Total cost of hardware: < $300. Total cost of software: $0.00 

Implementation Part 1: rebuild kernel with firewall and divert. configure nat to translate packets from lan to internet. install dhcp for automatic client configuration. block all ports except SSH from external network. configure Samba. 

Implementation Part 2: ..backups Map “My Documents” folder on all computers to users’ /home folders on samba server. this means everyones’ “My Documents” will actually be stored on the server. nobody will know the difference (unless the server goes down). create “pub” folder for file sharing. write backup scripts to make incremental backups of everyones’ “My Documents” folders. 

Total labor: 2×10 Hours. Thanks for helping me Meredith! I couldn’t have done it in one night without you.

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