2002-11-09 11:10:00

2002-11-09 11:10:00
Dual Processors Melting
Meredith and I got together to do some work on the Plumbing company’s network, but they didn’t have the software ready.

So Meredith what do you want to do tonight? Hey! Lets see if we can make dual processors work. We hijacked a couple old Pentium 160MHz CPUs from MK’s junk box and dropped them in the SMP board. Ouch!! those things get hot!. After a quick run to CompUSA Meredith spliced our brand new cooling devices into the power supply and placed one on each CPU. Red Hat Linux can do it…come on…come on… IT WORKS!!!

Ok, so the kernel panic’s occaisonally and its not exactly a supercomputer but it gives decent computing power but i still have the CPU’s underclocked @ 133MHz. Thanks for your help Meredith.

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