2003-03-29 09:06:00

2003-03-29 09:06:00
March 27, 19:40: So I am working on a website at 7:40, then i see a flash and suddenly the only light in my room is the glow from my monitor and the LEDs from the server. Our transformer blew. I ran the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) battery down wuth my monitor being on too long while looking for a flashlight. About 10 minutes later I shoot off a few emails and shut the monitor off.

19:50: All secondary and backup servers power down. UPS1 is running low.

20:00: I turn the monitor back on…UPS 1 does not like that and shuts down immediatly while screaming in agony at me in its archaic beeping language. All power routed to UPS2.

20:10: Run down to church to pickup Noelle.

20:50: UPS2 gives up the ghost.

22:00: Its still dark

22:30: Sleep

March 28, 02:30 Power restored. I hear the servers coming back up with their lovely “beeps” but I am too tired to check them.

07:30: My shower is interrupted by a call from Jason. “Webmail is down.” I promise to check the server after clothing myself.

07:45: Everything is okay, a few DNS issues and the inet daemon (which calls the daemons to allow people to check email) forgot to wake itself up. But all critical daemons were functioning. So much for the uptime. Looks like Meredith will have me beat for quite awhile. 

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