2004-01-24 16:22:00

2004-01-24 16:22:00
First ever strategy LAN-party meet.

Participants: Myself, Steve Baehr, and Jeff Yesensky.
18:00: …Steve’s computer had no ethernet card. Put in ethernet card. Steve’s computer wants Win98 cd for files. Download one file at a time from internet and transfer it via floppy to Steve’s computer then hit next to see what next file is…repeat many many times.
20:30: Windows 98 is evil. Get another computer from Jeff’s house and grab pizza on the way.
21:00: eat pizza
21:20: begin Starcraft deathmatch. Starcraft was a bast. The game lasted until after midnight.
01:00: begin Total Annihilation deathmatch. Game lasted until 4 in the morning.
04:30:Try Descent II. Doesn’t run under Windows XP too well so we abort and play Urban Terror.
06:00: Time for breakfast!
08:00: Fall asleep
12:30: Wakeup and Eat lunch.

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