2004-02-28 13:18:00

2004-02-28 13:18:00
Cell phones are evil

In response to the frequently asked question, this is Why I don’t have a cell phone

  • I don’t believe I should have to pay for incoming calls.
  • There is no “do not disturb” mode for cell phones. There should be such a feature that would allow a caller to disturb me only in an emergency but otherwise send him to voice mail. Cell phones should have an easy “dnd” switch.
  • Contracts are evil. I want month to month with the ability to swap providers and have my number transferred within minutes
  • Too high priced.
  • People would call me… being unavailable gives me time to think about things.

When the first four items are implemented in cell phones I may get one. But until then, send me an email.

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