2004-07-09 23:32:00

2004-07-09 23:32:00
SHO Log:

July 9, 2004
10:20: on way to gas station battery light comes on at stops. ..revved engine at 1K to compensate. after refueling car wouldn’t start. console blank. popped the hood, wiggled the battery cables, and she started right up.

10:50: picked up folks to see movie, battery light starts coming on at every stop so i rev the engine to keep the light off. …at the next stop SHO experiences random electronic failures: engine rpm tac stops updating, climate fans fail, climate control console goes blank, anti-lock brakes fail (but the anti-lock light is on) …upon acceleration everything came back on and restored to normal. this happens for the next three stop lights.

11:15: continuing on freeway no further problems experienced. upon freeway exit and stop battery light came on. compensated with rev. sometime after this point the problem ceases to persist.

23:20: SHO operates normally for the remainder of the day …even through horrible stop and go traffic on freeway but not a problem.


But I still love the sedan. No other car says, “drive me” like a SHO.

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