2004-07-26 18:51:00

2004-07-26 18:51:00
Update: Power restored. All services normal. Monitoring for abnormalities.

—- old report —-
We have experienced a power failure. Downtime imminent. See log for status:

~16:30. Power failure.

~17:20. Power failure reported to sysadmin (me).

~17:30. Non-critical servers powered down. Power saving status enabled. Connection tested: link good.

18:01. Primary UPS reports it can run for another 15 minutes. Re-routing all critical systems to Secondary UPS.

18:02. Secondary UPS overloads and fails without warning (The blasted Best Buy salesman told me it would work)!! All power re-routed to Primary UPS. Making procedure for blind shut-down.

18:06. Primary UPS is critical.

18:13. Primary UPS fails. Falcon goes down hard.

18:14. Silence…

18:35. Power LED activated. Systems booting. Checking disks. Power up success!

18:37. Link restored.

18:41. All services running.

Uptime Report: 230 days 23 hours and 8 minutes. Three days short of previous uptime record!! Arg!

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