2004-08-13 09:17:00

2004-08-13 09:17:00
System Alert
Update: Storm calmed. Everything back to normal.

Lightning storm near our West Coast servers. I’m getting additional backup battery systems ready to run but hopefully we won’t need them. If we lose power we can stay up no longer than 2 hours. 

Update @ 11:12 PDT: we are experiencing frequent power spikes. UPS systems are holding.
Update @ 11:27 PDT: on a plus side I am enjoying the rain. |:-)
Update @ 12:03 PDT: Spotted Firefighters patrolling our streets after some massive lightning strikes. Most of the storm has passed. Power spikes occuring less frequently.
Update @ 12:37 PDT: Storm has calmed. Power spikes have ceased. All systems normal.

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