2004-09-16 02:51:00

2004-09-16 02:51:00

Ten Days of Bachelorhood
Only four more days to go without DSL then I’ll be back home. In retrospect:

Day 1: Wake up at 6:00 AM, go for jog, try to cook breakfast but can’t figure out how to light stove. Tried for a few minuutes in vain. …found out its electric (it was too early that morning). 

Day 3: Go to grocery store…walk up and down the aisles many many times looking for things. Get in longest line (as usual). Make Hamburgers with hamburger meat…. hamburger tastes horrible…and I should probably think of something to keep the pattie from disintegrating

Day 5: After raiding the fridge discovered worchestershire sauce. Hamburger tastes good this time but still can’t figure out how to keep grease from exploding all over the place making little dots in a three foot radius around the pan… lots of cleanup after hambugers. 

Stay tuned to see if Ben can master cooking hamburgers before his ten days are up… 

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