2005-05-13 14:16:00 

2005-05-13 14:16:00 
Let me introduce you to…

Steve Baehr

The first thing that any person must say about Steve is he loves God. He knows his beliefs, and he’s a black and white person. In fact. This graphic illustrates Steve’s opinion on everything: 

To Steve it is impossible for anything with moral significance to fall on two pixels crossing black and white. It is one side or the other and there is no question that whatever side that it is on it is on the furthest point possible from the non-existent divider between black and white. I have often pondered why Steve can not see gray. The reason is simple and it is a result of Steve’s ability on a Piano. For the majority of his life this is all Steve saw.

As a child Steve knew he could hit a black key, or a white key, but there was no gray key. Anything that was precise enough to hit both black and white hit both keys but since they were two different notes it could not be one gray moral area in music. It was a distinct white and black sound. Anything more precise than that would simply fall through the cracks. Thus Steve grew up thinking black and white which has molded him into a black and white person which is how he will be for the rest of his life.

This guy is a musician. He has an ability to pick up any instrument and play it. Steve recently founded Baehr Studios, a way to share his talents with others. If you need anything musical you should contact him.

And of course Steve has his complement to bring him to completion. Hannah is good at what Steve is not and vice versa. She is one of those girls that is incredibly smart, having a cognizance which allows her to see straight through people. As such she keeps Steve honest to himself, and makes Steve a better Steve. 

Libby – 2005-05-17 01:50:22
Hey, I remember Steve Baehr! We were both in a Christmas play at Immanuel when we were like 9. I forget what the play was called. Most of it took place in “heaven” where there was this angel named Mary Anne (she wore an Angel’s baseball cap…cute, huh?) who couldn’t sing very well, or something, and I think she learns how to sing better…and I’m sure the lesson had something to do with praising God through singing. I don’t know; I can’t remember much about it. I do remember one line from the play though, “Good plan, Mary Anne!” I think Steve said that line. 

Steve – email – 2005-05-17 11:05:36
Actually, her name was Marvel Ann. 
And the line was “That’s the plan, Marvel Ann.” 
I don’t remember what it was called either, but I’ll never forget that play. I had the biggest crush on Marvel Ann…

Libby – 2005-05-17 17:07:15
Ok, so I remembered even less than I thought I did. Still, those were good times. 

Ben – email – 2005-05-17 19:26:53
I think I was in that play too! I don’t rememember much. I think they put me way in the back and I couldn’t see above anyone’s head so i had no idea what was happening. didn’t the red-head girl get to wear a star with christmas lights or something? i think we all wore painted cardboard boxes and got to sing a “we’re the little packages” song… or maybe that was another play.

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