2005-08-27 15:19:00

2005-08-27 15:19:00
Vanishing Sock Pattern

Name: One of a pair of socks vanishes 
Problem: If a pair of matching socks are washed, one will vanish. 
Context: Usually occurs after placing socks in washing machine or dryer. If two pairs of socks are washed, 2 socks will vanish in such a way that you will have two half-pairs, or two socks that do not match. 
Forces: Unknown forces cause mismatched socks. Two matching socks vanishing is never observed because it is not noticeable. 
Solution: Purchase all identical socks of the exact same brand, color, and part number. 
Resulting Context: Someone will give you socks of a different color. Problem repeats. 
Rationale: The design is based on a vanishing cloth occurance.

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