Apple’s Stock Hitachi Vs. Kingston SSDNow V+

This is why your next computer upgrade should be a SSD.

I ran the following tests on Apple’s stock Hitachi 5400RPM 320GB:

1. Cold boot
2. Logos passage guide on 1 Kings 8.
3. Open IE from Windows 7 in Parallels “cold” boot.
4. StarCraft II load 4v4 map with 7 AIs.

I then replaced the hard drive with the Kingston SSDNow V+ 128GB, used Apple’s migration assistant to copy the data over to the SSD and repeated the tests.

All tests were performed on the 2011 13″ Macbook Pro Core i5 2.3GHz 4GB memory.

Note that Mac OSX does not yet have TRIM support.  If you do buy a SSD for your Mac you should get one with an onboard garbage collection controller (such as the one I bought). If you have Windows 7 you should be fine with just about anything.

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