ESV – Less restrictive than NASB

Being an NASB fan (but still using KJV on my computers and mobile devices because of the copyright issues) I’m excited to see that the ESV’s copyright is much less restrictive. I use an iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, OSX, and Linux so it’s just not practical to purchase the NASB for each and every operating system. … Continue reading “ESV – Less restrictive than NASB”

Top Ten Greatest Comebacks of All Time: True

Last Sunday Doug Metzger (Minister of Single Adults at Immanuel) mentioned that Sports Illustrated ran an article listing Jesus Christ as number 1 in their list of top 10 biggest comebacks of all time. “Jesus Christ, 33 A.D. Defies critics and stuns the Romans with his resurrection.” Sports Illustrated, Bouncing Back Big-Time, November 12, 2001 … Continue reading “Top Ten Greatest Comebacks of All Time: True”