As of April 13, 2011

United States debt: $14,279,000,000,000.00
United States Population: 310,383,000
Debt per U.S. Resident: $46,000.00

California Debt: $368,502,000,000.00
California Population: 37,555,000
Debt per C.A. Resident: $9812.00

So, our family of three owes: $167,000.00

We don’t make that kind of money so the government will have to wait until Eli makes enough money to pay it off.

If I may propose a modest petition on the next California ballot:
All candidates, including positions for the legislature, assembly, senate, governor, controller, etc. must have a positive net worth to be considered for placement on the ballot.  The purpose of this law is to discourage candidates who cannot manage their own finances from running for public office under the pretense that they are capable of managing public finances. 

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