Installing CrashPlan on OpenIndiana

CrashPlan is a great way to backup your ZFS server, here’s a quick install recipe for OpenIndiana:

Download the Solaris CrashPlan client from here:

Move the file to /var/spook/pkg then run…

# sudo pkgadd

(follow the prompts, do what’s obvious).

Setup Crashplan service:
# svccfg import /opt/sfw/crashplan/bin/crashplan.xml
# svcadm enable crashplan

Obviously you’ll want to move the backupArchive folder to your ZFS storage pool.  I like to move the entire crashplan folder to the pool and create a symbolic link to it so I’ve got a backup of the CP config files… 

# svcadm disable crashplan
# mv crashplan /tank/crashplan/opt/sfw/
# ln -s /tank/crashplan/opt/sfw/crashplan .
# svcadm enable crashplan

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