Money Advice

My church is going through one of Dave Ramsey’s finance programs to help people get out of debt and better manage their finances. Naturally attendees must pay a fee to get in. So here’s some free advice from me:

  • Make more than you spend.
    Have a budget, or a reverse budget. Make sure your saving, meeting your basic needs, and set some aside for fun.
  • Have some money in the bank ready for an emergency. Keep some cash stashed away in case you can’t access your bank account.
  • Save for retirement. Save for short term. Save for long term. Diversify your savings. Put your short-term savings in high yield checking/savings accounts.
  • Spread your money into several bank accounts.
  • Don’t get into debt over something that’s not worth more than the debt.
  • Your time is worth more than your money.
  • Take a photo of everything in your wallet/purse.

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