My First BlackBerry

Quick Review of the BlackBerry 7130e with the Sprint SERO Plan

Usability Problem 1: Thumb wheel on wrong side

Ben: I ordered a BlackBerry. I am left-handed. The thumb wheel is on the right.
BlackBerry Support: Use the middle finger on your left hand.
Ben: um…. 

Problem 2: It doesn’t work

Before ordering
Ben: Are you sure? I don’t think the SERO plan includes blackberry data because a lot of people in forums were complaining that it doesn’t…
Sprint Rep: Of course it does. Why wouldn’t it work with the blackberry? We wouldn’t sell a BlackBerry with it if it wasn’t included in the plan.

Ben: The Internet functions on my BlackBerry aren’t working.
Sprint/BlackBerry Rep: Looks like you don’t have a BlackBerry plan.
Ben: I was told that BlackBerry data is included with the SERO plan.
Sprint/BlackBerry Rep: I can add that to your plan for $49/month.
Ben: No… I was told by a Sprint Rep that the SERO plan included the BlackBerry plan after specifically asking him, also the Sprint SERO website doesn’t even give the option of adding BlackBerry data to the phone so it should be included.
Sprint/BlackBerry Rep: I see, do you want to add BlackBerry data to your plan?
Ben: No. I’ll send the phone back. 


  1. 1. January 10th, 2007 23:38So. . . Do they sell left handed BlackBerry’s? What wonderful customer service!
  2. 2. January 11th, 2007 01:37Get an iPhone! They are going to rock socks!
  3. 3. January 11th, 2007 20:44I see Matt beat me to it.Should’a got’a iPhone!
    Michael Johnson

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