New Credit Card Strategy

Sadly, my favorite credit card, the Schwab 2% Cash Back (and no foreign transaction fees) is being discontinued.  I loved being able to get a straight 2% back on everything without being concerned about which card I was using… so time to re-consider our credit card strategy.

We already have the Costco Amex and Amazon Visa (we buy a lot of stuff from Amazon) which give us cash back in the following categories:

Costco Amex

3% gas
2% restaurants
2% travel
1% all else

Amazon Visa

2% gas (if no amex)
2% restaurants
2% drug stores
2% office supply stores
1% all else

I was thinking about getting this card since groceries is one of our highest budget lines (even after considering the groceries purchased at Amazon):

Amex Blue Cash

6% Supermarkets
3% gas
3% department stores
1% all else

To see if the above three cards can beat my previous 2% back strategy I ran a PivotTable against my Quicken credit card data to get spending by payee then added what I guessed the merchant would be categorized as.  Here are the results:

6/1/2011 to 10/18/2011 (since we moved to Idaho and had a bit of time to settle in until now).

Spending Analysis
“Row Labels” should be “% Cash Back” and
“Sum of Weight” should be “% weighted
average of spending”

So looking at the data to the left you can see using those three cards we would do quite well.  16% of our spending would get 6% cash back, 24% would get 3% cash back and so on.

Using the cards strategically we would get a weighted average of 2.45% back.  That beats out 2% by a fair margin.

Now the “Other” 1% is a large chunk, lets see what we can do about it…

The two good 2% on everything cards left on the market are the Fidelity Amex (2% into your Fidelity account), and the Capital One Venture card.  If I turned that last 43% into 2% cash back we would get a weighted average return of 2.89%.  Not bad.

One thing I’m not sure of, is how accurate American Express’ categorization is…  I had the Chase Freedom Visa which was supposed to give us 3% in the top 6 categories but since they didn’t categorize all the stores we only got back 1.32% which prompted me to use the Charles Schwab card.  But I’m going to see if American Express does any better (so far our main Supermarket is classified as a Grocery store, our local Wal-Mart is not, but that’s to be expected).  If it turns out we really do beat 2% I’ll stay with that strategy, otherwise we’ll go back to a flat 2% back card.

Nerdwallet is a great site to find the best rewards you can get based on the type of spending you do.

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