2005-09-07 13:42:00

2005-09-07 13:42:00
Democrats put their special interests ahead of public will…

“History will record that you betrayed your constituents and their moral and ethical values.” Republican Assemblyman Jay La Suer.

“I say you are betraying the people of California,” said Assemblyman Jay La Suer, R-La Mesa (San Diego County). “You are not leading. You have gone astray.” 

Same-Sex Marriage Approved In California … For Now

2005-08-27 15:19:00

2005-08-27 15:19:00
Vanishing Sock Pattern

Name: One of a pair of socks vanishes 
Problem: If a pair of matching socks are washed, one will vanish. 
Context: Usually occurs after placing socks in washing machine or dryer. If two pairs of socks are washed, 2 socks will vanish in such a way that you will have two half-pairs, or two socks that do not match. 
Forces: Unknown forces cause mismatched socks. Two matching socks vanishing is never observed because it is not noticeable. 
Solution: Purchase all identical socks of the exact same brand, color, and part number. 
Resulting Context: Someone will give you socks of a different color. Problem repeats. 
Rationale: The design is based on a vanishing cloth occurance.

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2005-07-30 18:06:00

2005-07-30 18:06:00
Bait and Switch or Standard Cell Phone Company Practice?

After careful thought my family decides it is worth the $9.99/month/phone to add 3 extra phones to my plan. Killer gives me three of his old Verizon phones and I call up Verizon Wireless but the cost is actually $19/month/phone. I just don’t get cell phone business practice. Do they think they’re going to get business and loyalty with this kind of practice?

I’m not asking for something that they aren’t advertising to me..in the mail..every week.

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2005-07-29 16:39:00

2005-07-29 16:39:00
It’s SysAdmin Appreciation Day

From: Jon Clede

Happy Sysadmin day!



From: Emmanuel Mwangi

Happy SysAdmin Apprecation Day

To the Greatest SysAdmin Evar!

Even if I don't update my website.


sniff, thanks guys. I have the best customers in the world.

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2005-07-28 15:37:00

2005-07-28 15:37:00

Feminine Intuition

Men think we are not blessed with souls,
Are useful, yes, for drudgery
and helping them attain their goals
(Ours to them, a boring mystery).

We can read, this they accept,
Can work out sums, and write a bit:
Store stuff, remember where it's kept,
And fetch it, when a man wants it.

We're tired of condescension, tired
of being Adam's latest rib
(Woman, the first, rather misfired).
We've had enough.  Computer Lib!

–From “Tales from the Computer Room” by John Race. © 1977. 

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2005-06-23 01:45:00

2005-06-23 01:45:00
Narnia Toast?
The experimental gaming server, Narnia has been toasted. Mk and I are trying to figure out what happened. It could be bad blocks, bad inodes, or one of my dead interface programs running lockf on the pk3 files (this is why you should never do a kill -9). In the meantime please don’t panic. A backup vps is ready to roll into action if we can’t fix Narnia.