AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus Review | DMR Radio

This is the best DMR ham radio handheld transceiver (HT) on the market. It’s also the only HT I’ve come across that implements Bluetooth correctly. It’s not compact, but it’s also not overly bulky for what it does. Here’s my review of the AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus by Bridgecom Systems. This is the latest model (released … Read more

Ham Radio Comparison UV-3R+, UV-5RA, VX-7R, and VX-6R

   Model UV-3R+ UV-5RA VX-7R VX-6R    Brand BaoFeng BaoFeng Yaesu Yaesu TX 6 M no no 30-59MHz no TX 2 M 136-174MHz 136-174MHz 137-174MHz 137-174MHz TX 1.25 M no no 222-225MHz 222-225MHz TX 70 CM 400-470MHz 400-480MHz 430-470MHz 430-470MHz Wideband Receive No No 0.5-999MHz 0.5-999MHz Channels 99 127 900 900 TX Power 2 Watts … Read more