2 thoughts on “Tim Cook, Gay American Hero Vs. Brendan Eich, Evil Christian Villian”

  1. It’s not that the left is trying to be overbearing. It’s that we’re against discrimination, and Prop 8 was an unabashed piece of legislation discriminating against the rights LGBT people. They just believe they should enjoy the same ability as straight people to be able to marry. And the part of the article that says “act on impulses” – trust me NO ONE would “choose” to be gay, it attracts so much negativity (or even physical danger) from mainstream society, who would choose that? The only reason people are gay is because of their genetics. Give them a break already.

    • Thanks for the comment, averyfreeman, I actually agree with your thoughts on the “act on impulses”. It seems the right is trying to emphasize “choice” when it comes to being gay, I guess their reasoning for emphasizing choice is that if someone is born a certain way because of genetics it’s natural and therefore might be right. That is not my position. I think different; and I believe my thoughts are based firmly on scripture:

      Being born a certain way doesn’t determine the rightness or wrongness of it. If homosexuality is a wrong activity for beings created in the image of God, then being predisposed to it from genetics doesn’t change whether or not it pleases or offends God. And this doesn’t just go for homosexuality. If we can find in genetics lying, murder, drunkenness, promiscuity, theft, pride, gluttony, laziness, greed, hate, etc. those things are not right just because of genetics. In fact the entire basis of all of us being under sin is that Adam’s seed has been cursed so we are all guilty in sin from the moment of conception, how sin manifests itself isn’t as important as our condition of depravity. We are all born in rebellion against God and we continually make wrong choices because of our condition. Being unable to please God we are all deserving of death from the moment of our existence. That is the reason Christ died: to take the punishment of death for our sin. Those who believe in Him will have eternal life and be freed from this slavery of sin.

      * Most of this is from Romans, I was going to mention particular passages but it’s probably best to read the whole book to get the proper context: https://www.esv.org/Romans

      Hope that helps clarify my position (even though you may still disagree).


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