We Bought a House

You may be wondering why I haven’t posted in awhile. Well, Kris and I bought a house!

Front Yard
 still needs a lot of work. So far J&K Drywall fixed a lot of the drywall, hammered up the entryway, repainted the interior, and suggested some additions to the back. Dad, Kris and I laid tile (it’s still not done), Carpet Masters put in new carpet. I converted the geysers to sprinklers and I’m slowly trying to migrate to drip irrigation. Jason got our water pressure down to reasonable levels. Lately I’ve been spending the evenings spraying ants.

A few before and after shots…

Stairs old
Stairs before
Stairs after
Stairs after
Entry before
Entry before
Entry after again
Entry after
And the ants have invaded our house from four different locations! I can’t figure out what they’re after, we’ll just see them swarming the coffee table, the tiled floor, etc.
I’m considering a “home and garden” category.

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