Nothing to see here. Move along.

Update 2013-12-23: Using the internet access on my phone I’ve moved the website to another server (thanks Jeff!)  So the website is back up.  

My internet is going down until Jan 1st.

Looks like I forgot to disable my CrashPlan backup again (unfortunately CrashPlan doesn’t offer a way to stop backing up to CrashPlan online while still performing local backups… I can manually pause CrashPlan but if I don’t do it every 24 hours it starts back up again).


Hi Benjamin Bryan,

We have been alerted by the upstream carrier that you have exceeded usage on your 20GB Plan.   Please note that your account has a monthly usage cap of 20GB.   Your usage is 46.88GB as of 12/22/13.   In order for us to continue service this month you will need to purchase an additional account or choose to have your service temporarily suspended until 01/01/14.    To move forward with maintaining your account for this month you will need to purchase an additional plan. The cost for today would be:   $99.99 Device Purchase $19.99 Reduced Activation Fee $15.00 Shipping + Prorated Monthly Service   Service will be suspended at the end of today. If you would like to purchase an additional Hotspot plan, please let us know. Below, we have provided some ways to track your data usage. This information can be found on our website as well. We look forward to hearing from you soon.   -Millenicom


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