Ben’s Banned Popcorn Recipe

You May Die From Eating This

Please read about how bad coconut oil is from the liberal CSPI organization (linked removed because it’s dead) and learn all about the danger of Coconut Oil from Michelle Obama (link removed because it’s dead) and the CDC (link removed because it’s dead) before proceeding.


The secret to great popcorn is coconut oil which despite being healthy for you has been banned in movie theater popcorn.  Now movie popcorn is worthless.  However, Kris and I have developed the perfect popcorn recipe…

whirley You’ll Need

A good popper:  I like this Whirley Popper which Amazon has for $20.


Pretty much all these ingredients are cheaper at Miller’s… if you don’t have a Miller’s you can get them from Amazon:

  1. Coconut Oil (not the extra virgin, it tastes better if it’s got some impurities).
  2. Butter (I just grab a chunk off an Amish butter slab).
  3. Popcorn
  4. Salt
  5. Toppings!  Choose at least one topping:

What To Do

  1. Microwave a chunk of butter until it’s liquid.  Then let it sit (do not put it in the popper… just let it sit and go to step 2).
  2. Drop a few spoonfuls of coconut oil in the Whirley and start the heat.
  3. When coconut oil is melted put a handful of popcorn in the popper and turn the crank.
  4. When the popcorn is done poor it into a bowl.
  5. By now the butter should be separated into three layers with milk solids on the bottom.  Poor the upper portion of the butter on your popcorn but don’t use the milk solids.  If you do the Popcorn will get soggy.
  6. Add salt, and your choice of garlic, yeast, or slap ya mama.

Bonus: This is Gluten Free!

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