Ting Fiber Internet in Sandpoint


We’re Getting Fiber in Sandpoint!  Thanks Ting!

Ting Fiber

I just pre-ordered 1 gigabit up / 1 gigabit down!

After years of being in the dark ages in rural North Idaho with nothing but slow DSL, high latency cable, with the only reliable option being Verizon Wireless.  We now have real internet!

Sandpoint is finally getting it’s first fiber internet service from Ting!  Keep up to date on the latest news on Ting’s Sandpoint Blog

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Ting Fiber Internet Pricing

Ting is offering 1Gb symmetrical for $89/month, and 5Mb symmetrical for for $19/month!

If you live in the City of Sandpoint, Kootenai, Ponderay, or Dover, here’s the place to pre-order Ting Internet.

Static IPs are also available for $19/month for 1 or $25/month for 5.


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