2003-05-31 10:56:00

2003-05-31 10:56:00
“Linux is an unauthorized derivative of Unix and that legal liability for the use of Linux may extend to commercial users.” –exerpt from a letter Sco sent to 15,000 companies.

Sco is suing IBM ($1 billion lawsuit) for leaking Unix source code to Linux Developers, although this has been going on for weeks and Sco hasn’t provided a shred of evidence.

In the middle of all this, Novell has released a statement that THEY OWN the copyrights to Unix.

I believe the truth is, Sco is jealous of IBM because Sco is not making any money on Sco Unix (why would you want to pay several thousands on Sco Unix when you could get Linux for free?) …instead Sco is relying on lawsuits for revenue.

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