2005-02-22 00:06:00

2005-02-22 00:06:00
On search for a cellphone
After two months of determining to put up with cell phone shortcomings and get one…I …rather the cell phone industry has failed me. Verizon has the coverage and network I want (CDMA) but falls behind with free minutes that start after I stop talking to people. Morever their tri-mode phone (LG-6100) doesnt have complete functionality with bitpim.

Sprint (also CDMA) has a decent phone (PM-8200) with full bitpim support with good pricing, but lacks service in some areas.

Both companies fail to offer good no-contract deals. I am not really considering GSM networks because of where I live (America). 

In related news T-Mobile has been hacked twice recently. See T-Mobile hacked again! [Removed dead link, no archive available]

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