2006-01-09 07:41:00

2006-01-09 07:41:00
Photon Communication Howto

This post dedicated to Meyrahn, Spencer, and Yesensky.

Faster than the speed of light….
How to Communicate Across light-years instantly.

Photon Communications

This exploits a phenomenon in physics. When a single photon is sent through a 50% reflector the photon (which can not be split since it is a single photon) will be reflected, AND it will also pass through the reflector. It is not a clone, it is still a single photon. But it exists in two places at the same time.

The single photon reflector setup must be placed directly between the two points of communication. Precise positioning is important. A constant stream of photons must be sent through the reflector. When point A (earth) wants to talk to point B (spaceship) it merely has to put a stop to block the photon stream before it reaches A. This action will immediately be known to point B because the photon stream to B will stop coming (remember, the photons are single photons that exist in two locations, so once they are stopped at point A they also are stopped at point B before reaching the detector). An operator at point A can move the block in and out of position to send binary or Morse code. The photons stopped at A will also be stopped at point B instantly (since it is the same photon) allowing for instant communication across space-time.

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