Investing as a Christian in a World of Woke Proxy Voting

Over the last few years, anti-Christian activists have influenced asset managers and are pushing ungodly agendas. If you invest in Mutual Funds or ETFs, your Fund Managers may be voting on your behalf, against your values. I wonder if Christian shareholders are aware their votes are pushing Marxist, social gospel resolutions. If we voted in … Read more

22182 Notes. Evernote to Apple Notes (Fail) to DEVONthink.

I’m looking for a scan of a blue note, and I simply can’t find it in Evernote. Evernote versions 4 and 5 were the prime of Evernote. Kris and I used it extensively as our document management system, document knowledge management, and notetaking application. It was a great way to organize things. Every note, every … Read more

Supermicro Fan Speed Script

2U Supermicro servers are my go-to. These are much quieter than 1U servers, but the fans spin at 8800RPM. The IPMI fan modes available are Full (9000RPM), Heavy IO (6000RPM), and Optimal (supposed to auto-adjust). Unfortunately, setting the Fan Mode to Optimal seems to have a floor speed of 4500RPM, which is too loud. Even … Read more

Faster Cloudflare Worker for Plausible Analytics | ~Zaraz

Shave 100ms off the Plausible Analytics POST response, making it as fast as Cloudflare Zaraz GA4 I moved over to Plausible Analytics; I had been using JetPack Stats. But I’ve never been happy with the (1) extra 3rd party DNS lookup, (2) large JavaScript payload, (3) cookies, and (4) sending data to a 3rd party. … Read more

Work Management Tools

Whoever is slothful will not roast his game,    but the diligent man will get precious wealth. — Proverbs 12:27 LSB Before hitting the tools, I categorize my work into the following areas: Here are the tools I use to manage projects & tasks. Tasks (Microsoft To Do) For tasks I use Microsoft To Do–I started using … Read more