Programming Management & Leadership Books

There are plenty of books on managing people; but there are few books targeting management of software development, and even fewer aimed at people who got promoted into leadership positions with no management skills.  I’ve read countless books looking for resources in that area…  I can find plenty of books about how to manipulate people or … Continue reading “Programming Management & Leadership Books”

Ben’s Law | The Cost of Being Interrupted

Ben’s Law:¬†within a 4 hour block of time, for each unit of uninterrupted time in hours (t), the value of productivity and creativity is roughly t^2. An interruption resets t to zero. p = t^2 c = t^2 if t = 1 (1 hour of uninterrupted time) then p (productivity) = 1 and c (creativity) … Continue reading “Ben’s Law | The Cost of Being Interrupted”