Going Paperless

Ben’s old Filing System, papers piled in boxes For my entire life my filing system has been to throw papers in a “Need to file” box.  My thinking is that someday I will organize and file everything away.  That day has not come.  So I add more boxes.  Finding a specific paper isn’t efficient.  I … Read more

AT&T Down

Well, for the second time AT&T’s Cellular network has gone down where I live… as a result Kris couldn’t look at her shopping list so we don’t have hamburger buns to go with our hamburgers. I wonder if I can get a credit every time this happens… what if there was an emergency? Well, actually, … Read more

Taxonomy at Home

After reading the chapter on taxonomy governance in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Best Practices by Ben Curry and Bill English, I started thinking about my own personal taxonomy. Taxonomy is a division into groups or categories.  A good example is a Library’s Dewey Decimal Classification. Tagging has become a popular means of classification in blogging and … Read more

How to Backup SQL Server 2005 Databases

Backup Requirement Daily full backup, transaction log backups every 15 minutes. Files are backed up to the local filesystem. Remote backup server copies changes from the server every 15 minutes. Although not an efficient use of space, it is useful to backup to the local hard drive in case a point in time restore is … Read more

Push email.

What’s the big deal about push email? RIM’s Blackberry and BES server, Apple’s iPhone and MobileMe service, Microsoft’s ActiveSync with Exchange all offer Push Email. That is, your phone instantly gets a notifcation of new email. I don’t get it. I don’t want my phone to tell me when I have new email. I disable … Read more

My First BlackBerry

Quick Review of the BlackBerry 7130e with the Sprint SERO Plan Usability Problem 1: Thumb wheel on wrong side Ben: I ordered a BlackBerry. I am left-handed. The thumb wheel is on the right.BlackBerry Support: Use the middle finger on your left hand.Ben: um….  Problem 2: It doesn’t work Before orderingBen: Are you sure? I don’t think the SERO … Read more

Macbook Pro

My First Mac. So Aude was really happy to hear the news (although tomorrow the specs will be 2GB RAM).And so was Michael Johnson (aka Colloquial Collision), who donated $10: If your new MBP helps to improve your skill and trade as an Information Technology professional, then I’ve managed to double my return. I could … Read more