The Aftermath of the Election

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In the aftermath of the 2020 Trump vs Biden election, I’d like to make one observation. This election was not about choosing a Hero over the Villian. This election was the Anti-Hero vs the Villian. This is not the same story as 2016 Trump vs Hilary, because at the time we knew Hilary was the Villian, but we didn’t know if Trump was all hat and no cattle. This time around, we knew.

Biden is the Villian

He appears to be the Hero. You will find him in high places, among important people. Compared to Trump, Biden seems he is more rational, reasonable, and sensible than Trump. He’s better skilled at diplomacy and is arguably more respectable. He claims to be a devout Catholic. The media loves him. But while having some appearance of good, he is evil. While he is enjoying his position in power, what is revealing about his character is what he does not hear. What Biden does not hear is the sound–or rather the lack of noise–from millions of innocent human lives being blotted out, unable to scream or whimper. He not only allows but endorses their murder and diminishes the value of their lives.

Biden is a being created in God’s image who denies the right to live to other beings created in God’s image. That is the ultimate discrimination.

I have no other way to put it than to say it this way: Biden’s conscience is not just seared. He no longer has a functioning conscience.

Trump is the Anti-Hero

His character is awful. Who would have thought America would be so degenerate that the best candidate to put up against the villain would be a man who appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine and has had multiple marriages and an affair. Maybe that was the past, but if I could compare Trump of today to anyone, he’s like Han Solo. He’s in it for himself, doesn’t care about making friends, but in the end, he gets the job done. There are many men more respectable than Trump. However, we’ve had plenty of respectable presidents in office who offer lip-service but barely lift a finger to help save innocent human lives. But Trump isn’t the idle talker. Trump gets his hands dirty and gets the job done. He singlehandedly has done more to put America in a position to prevent the murder of innocent human lives than any president I can remember. He’s crass, insensitive, and not respectable in the least. He’s like a pro-football player who can win the Superbowl but gets caught sleeping around. You don’t want your kids to imitate his character. But there’s more than a game at stake here. He gets a job done that nobody else was able to do. I can’t think of a better opportunity than Trump to bring the Supreme Court back to some form of justice.

The Result

The American people chose the villain over the anti-hero. Neither choice was good. But the villain who murders his own nation’s children was not the least bad option.

Any person who believes it is okay to murder innocent human lives is not qualified to be the president. That’s where the bar is. That is a low bar. But at this point, the United States of America is so far gone the bar can’t be any higher than that.

Here was a man, who could have stopped the number one cause of death in America.

Blood is on our hands.

9 thoughts on “The Aftermath of the Election”

  1. I agree with you 200%. Not the best choices but before covid , we had been chugging along at record speed. Unemployment down and the economy, foreign policy in the Middle East -these things were all positive. I can perceive what is to come but I actually believe this new administration will do whatever it takes to push their agenda no matter who suffers since they think they are righteous . I hope I am wrong.

  2. Ben,

    I give you credit for taking this topic on, especially by being reasonably straight-forward in your assessment that the US came out the loser of the race as soon as we knew who the two candidates to choose from would be.

    330 million people living in the United States, and we have to choose between two of arguably the absolute worst people out there every four years. How is this so?

    1. Thanks, Mark. We lost before it began. I’ve recently wondered if we couldn’t do something like a Single Transferrable Vote–where instead of strategically voting for the least bad candidate that has the best chance of winning, we could have 10 or 20 people running and rank our preferences in order. If our first choice gets eliminated our votes transfer to the next option and so on down the line. I think this would also help prevent the election of the extremes on both sides–because if the last Republican candidate was eliminated those votes would transfer to the furthest right Democrat and vice-versa.

  3. We didn’t choose the villain. Joe Biden invested billions of funding to cheat in so many ways, violence, looting, destruction, releasing criminals as soon as possible, signaling corruption, etcetera, and John F Kennedy tried to warn us about Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and other corrupted persons long time ago, which led to his assassination.

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