Fat Head

Just finished watching Fat Head (watch for free below, via Hulu).

A few takeaways:

  • The food pyramids are based on a congressional committee, not scientific research.
  • Eating according to the food pyramid (low fat, high grains) will kill you.
  • Whole grain bread will cause your blood sugar to spike more than eating raw sugar.
  • Eating a lot of grains will increase your insulin resistance making you fat and giving you diabetes.
  • Cancer rates have increased after stuff that was supposed to replace saturated fat (e.g. margarine, canola oil, etc. became a part of our diets).
  • Eating high fat goods is good for you.
  • Skim milk could be making kids dumb in school.
  • School buses and long days at school are making kids fat, not McDonalds.
  • Chain fast food restaurants are targeted because they can be sued for money.
  • There is no indication that high cholesterol is related to heart disease.
  • Obesity death statistics included all deaths of obese people (not just deaths caused by obesity).
  • Scientists that challenge the current recommendations lose their research funding.

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