Genesis and the State of the Culture

Kris and I finished watching the Genesis and the State of the Culture speech that Ken Ham and Dr. Georgia Purdom gave at the University of Central Oklahoma.

A Battle of Foundations To give some context, the LGBT group at UCO tried to stop Ken Ham from giving this speech.  At some point the student body that invited him was pressured into revoking the invitation [1].   Later Ham was re-invited by UCO President Don Betz.

This is a well done overview of what Christians believe and why it is reasonable.   Ken ham gets to the heart of the issue which is foundational and shows how making your foundation God’s Word or Naturalism affects ones beliefs on race, gender, abortion, etc.   After Ham’s presentation, Dr. Purdom makes the distinction between Natural Selection and Evolution (this is an important difference that even my University professors were not all aware of) and gives several examples of how Evolutionists do not have a mechanism to generate novel traits which is necessary for molecules to man Evolution.

I highly recommend watching it:

“So, one of the things I am saying to you is from a biblical perspective we’ve got the answer to racism.  We’re all descended from one man.  We’re all equal before God.  We’re all sinners.  So we should be treating each other as people who are all family.”

— Ken Ham


“There are evolutionists that still say junk DNA is junk even though there have been multiple observable science research studies showing it is not, showing it has function.  It shows you that this is a worldview issue.  Even though the evidence is staring them in the face, they refuse to believe.”

— Dr. Georgia Purdom



6 thoughts on “Genesis and the State of the Culture”

  1. Wow…I applaud you immensely for having the courage to post this! It will cost you I am sorry to say. The world does not have an open mind. You are not alone my friend if you believe in creationism. If people would just listen to both sides with a truly open mind and without the hate that goes with it they might actually see the truth that there are two sides to this story. I can understand the fear of the evolutionists. If they are wrong, then they are accountable to someone.

    • Thanks pctyson, I appreciate your encouragement and I agree especially on your point of fear, the purpose of evolution is to come up with a way to explain how things may have came into existence instead of acknowledging the truth and being accountable to the Creator God (Romans 1:18-23).

  2. Love Ken Ham and his organization. Thanks for sharing this. Don’t let the haters and closed minded bother ya brother. I’ve read some of your other posts and just wanted to let you know you’re not alone.

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