The Monkey and the Sock

My sister’s latest book, The Monkey and the Sock

First Crop of Corn

Kris and I ate our first two cobs of corn grown in our backyard!

We did have a little help…

First Crop of Corn Album

iPhone 4 Lawsuit Before 30 Day Return period?!

The iPhone 4 hasn’t been out 30 days and there’s already a class action lawsuit.  I agree with the reasoning below.

I’ll tell you how absurd this is. When you buy the phone, you’ve got two weeks to 30 days to take it back and get your money back if it doesn’t work or if you don’t like it.  You’re not stuck with it.  You’ve got some time.  They’re trying to get this class-action lawsuit going, even before that contract period to take the phone back has expired, which is immediately suspect.

–Rush Limbaugh Why Apple Comes Under Attack, June 29, 2010

Hey, everyone who bought an iPhone 4, you still have 24 days to return it for a FULL REFUND! There is no need to sue Apple. Just get your money back and get a life.

— noexpectations, Comment on Apple Insider Forum, July 1, 2010

Government, Let Them Stop the Oil Leak

(source: IMDb)

The Oil Leak has been gushing for 72 days!

I was trying to think of a solution to stop it, and I finally realized, this is not a job for mere mortal man.  What we need is a superhero!  Superman, Batman, Wolverine, Jean Grey, The Hulk, Mr. Incredible.  Any of these guys could stop it within the timeframe of a movie.  The problem is our government doesn’t understand them and is afraid of them.  They’ve put all the superheroes under the Superhero Protection Program and made them promise not to use their superpowers.

I know some of these superheros are scary, but because we don’t let them do their jobs we are allowing an oil leak to destroy the Louisiana coast line, the marshes, and allowing the feds to put more regulation on the oil industry which will raise the price of gas.  These superheroes are here to fight crime and save us from man-made and natural disasters.

Please join me in helping our superheroes by signing this petition to discontinue the super hero protection program, so super heros can do their job.


Blogger again

I’m switching to Blogger again…  we’ll see how long it lasts.