New Credit Card Strategy

Sadly, my favorite credit card, the Schwab 2% Cash Back (and no foreign transaction fees) is being discontinued.  I loved being able to get a straight 2% back on everything without being concerned about which card I was using… so time to re-consider our credit card strategy. We already have the Costco Amex and Amazon … Read more

Asset Review: Good Year for Cars

Time for our half-year asset review: Compared to June 2010 the KBB value on the 2003 Honda-CRV rose from $11,200 to $11,555.  The 2007 Mazda 3 value went up from $13,520 to $13,990 with a total value increase of $825.  This hardly offsets what our house did to our net worth but that’s another story. … Read more


As of April 13, 2011 United States debt: $14,279,000,000,000.00United States Population: 310,383,000Debt per U.S. Resident: $46,000.00 California Debt: $368,502,000,000.00California Population: 37,555,000Debt per C.A. Resident: $9812.00 So, our family of three owes: $167,000.00 We don’t make that kind of money so the government will have to wait until Eli makes enough money to pay it off. … Read more

Complaining About Gas Prices?

Here’s how to be happy when gas prices go up by hedging your fuel expense: Set a reasonably high gas budget, perhaps 25% higher than your average monthly expense. Whatever is left in your gas budget at the end of the month, move to your brokerage account.   When you have enough money (say $1000) … Read more

Chase vs. Schwab Credit Card

Update June 22 — The Schwab card is no longer available. Chase vs. Schwab  or  Chase Freedom Plus vs. Schwab Invest First For the last year my wife and I have been using the Chase Freedom Plus. It gives you 3% cash back in the top 6 categories for each billing cycle and 1% everywhere … Read more

2007 Mazda3 Costs

2007 Mazda3 Costs Update: July 11, 2010. Added Honda-CRV and added data for year 2009/2010. 2007 Mazda3 36 month costs (May 23, 2007 to May 30, 2010)1 (bought new) Year 07/08 08/09 09/10 Mean Total Fuel2 $1,973 1,087 815 1,292 3,875 Insurance3 1,670 847 644 1,054 3,161 Depreciation4 275 970 1,625 957 2,870 Service 379 1,347 … Read more

2007 Mazda3 Costs

2007 Mazda3 12 month costs (May 23, 2007 to May 22, 2008) Fuel $1,973 29% Insurance 1,670 24% New car tax 1,274 19% Interest Expense 727 11% Service 370 5% DMV Registration 362 5% Depreciation 275 4% Accessories 121 2% Documentation Fee 55 1% Jury Duty parking ticket 14 0% CA Tire Fee 9 0% Total … Read more

TurboTax online -update

Problem solved! Support told me Turbotax online could not re-import the TurboTax file and I would have to re-enter everything by hand. I asked for a refund since I didn’t have time to spend a day doing that and would have to go out and buy TurboTax Desktop edition which is a waste of gas … Read more

Money Advice

My church is going through one of Dave Ramsey’s finance programs to help people get out of debt and better manage their finances. Naturally attendees must pay a fee to get in. So here’s some free advice from me: Make more than you spend. Have a budget, or a reverse budget. Make sure your saving, … Read more

2006-07-21 06:55:00

2006-07-21 06:55:00
Car Finances Update
I just realized I did that backwards. I come out behind by $52. My used car was not worth it. I would have been better off financing a brand new car. 

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