Free Terabyte of Storage on Flickr

Good news for the cheap photographers, Yahoo! wants back in the photography sharing game.  Flickr has redesigned its website and is now offering 1TB of Free photo storage to anyone.  You can see on my grandfathered Pro account I have only used 0.035TB up in 2 years!  To give you an idea of how many … Continue reading “Free Terabyte of Storage on Flickr”

Perspective on Gun Deaths

Here is an estimated breakdown of how people will die in the United States this year. Death by a person controlling a gun: 31,000 Death by Car Accident: 32,000 Death by Suicide: 38,000 Death by Influenza and Pneumonia: 50,000 Death by Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 50,000 Death by Diabetes: 69,000 Death by Alzheimer’s: 83,000 Death by Accidents: … Continue reading “Perspective on Gun Deaths”

Christian Homeschooling Parents in Danger of Deportation: You Can Help

My readers from California will spot the irony in this… Over 73,000 Signers Support German Homeschooling Parents in Danger of Deportation Christian family seeking asylum; Obama wants to deport. Here’s a German family, the Romeikes, that believe in homeschooling their children, but in Germany that means jail-time and their children will probably be taken away. … Continue reading “Christian Homeschooling Parents in Danger of Deportation: You Can Help”

Fat Head

Just finished watching Fat Head (watch for free below, via Hulu). A few takeaways: The food pyramids are based on a congressional committee, not scientific research. Eating according to the food pyramid (low fat, high grains) will kill you. Whole grain bread will cause your blood sugar to spike more than eating raw sugar. Eating a lot of grains will … Continue reading “Fat Head”