Setup Your Own ActiveSync Server With Zimbra and Z-Push

(Updated: June 8, 2013.  I’ve updated this post to clarify based on some questions I’ve received). For the clueless, ActiveSync is the protocol that allows you to sync your Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks with your messaging provider.  Your two options to have an ActiveSync server is through a cloud solution (e.g Gmail,, etc.) … Continue reading “Setup Your Own ActiveSync Server With Zimbra and Z-Push”

Taxonomy at Home

After reading the chapter on taxonomy governance in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Best Practices by Ben Curry and Bill English, I started thinking about my own personal taxonomy. Taxonomy is a division into groups or categories.  A good example is a Library’s Dewey Decimal Classification. Tagging has become a popular means of classification in blogging and … Continue reading “Taxonomy at Home”

Android, Affordable

My dream cell phone plan comes true.  The mobile provider targeted towards trendy-youth of all places has the best plan designed for mostly data usage.  $25/monthly for 300 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data.  A few days ago Virgin Mobile launched a new Android phone, the LG Optimus V (Optimus One).  LG’s strategy with this phone … Continue reading “Android, Affordable”

Crashplan can’t see your ZFS pool on Nexenta? Here’s how to fix it…

NexentaStor 3.1 uses OpenSolaris kernel with Debian userland so neither the Solaris or Linux version of Crashplan works out of the box.  But Chris Moates wrote an excellent post (removed link since it’s dead) on getting Crashplan on Nexenta  by combining files from the Linux and Solaris version of Crashplan.  This works except Crashplan can’t … Continue reading “Crashplan can’t see your ZFS pool on Nexenta? Here’s how to fix it…”

Nexus 5X Review

The stock ROMS on Verizon/Samsung phones are awful.  The phones come shipped with Samsung Touchwiz which makes the UI ugly and a half a dozen apps that you can’t uninstall—some eating up battery, some sending telemetry data to Samsung (using up your data), some changes Samsung does introduce vulnerabilities not to mention it takes Samsung … Continue reading “Nexus 5X Review”

Meet Ting. New cell phone service challenging Virgin Mobile

We switched to Ting from Virgin Mobile… here’s my quick review: What is Ting? Ting was started by Tucows in 2012, like Virgin Mobile it’s an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) backed by Sprint wireless.  Ting’s marketing point is that most people don’t actually use all the data, texting, and voice that they pay for. … Continue reading “Meet Ting. New cell phone service challenging Virgin Mobile”

TracFone on Verizon MVNO Review

We’ve been using Ting for Kris’s phone the last 3 years, it’s been great (see my Ting Review)–but at our new house Sprint’s signal isn’t that good–it can’t really pull in a 3G signal consistently.  In rural North Idaho the best coverage is indisputably Verizon, so I limited my search to Verizon MVNOs which have … Continue reading “TracFone on Verizon MVNO Review”

Free Terabyte of Storage on Flickr

Good news for the cheap photographers, Yahoo! wants back in the photography sharing game.  Flickr has redesigned its website and is now offering 1TB of Free photo storage to anyone.  You can see on my grandfathered Pro account I have only used 0.035TB up in 2 years!  To give you an idea of how many … Continue reading “Free Terabyte of Storage on Flickr”