Solaris 11, OpenIndiana, and NexentaStor benchmarks

Purpose: Determine fastest small NAS/SAN OS/Appliance software solution for home running under ESXi. Constraints: Candidates must support ZFS, be relatively stable (I narrowed down my candidate list by only choosing solutions that other people have used successfully), and be able to run CrashPlan for data protection. If you’re not familair with ZFS (Zettabyte File System), read … Continue reading “Solaris 11, OpenIndiana, and NexentaStor benchmarks”


This is a great example of someone recognizing something we all hate and making it better.  We all despise our thermostats.  And for good reason.  A simple task like changing the temperature shouldn’t be very confusing, but the thermostat designers have made it complicated. My first apartment had this Energy Star programmable thermostat.  I think … Continue reading “Thermostats”

If you can’t handle email just send me a fax

On Sat, May 28, 2011 at 10:01 AM, Aetna Notification>>New Communication on Aetna Navigator®Dear BENJAMIN,You have a new communication to view on your secure Aetna Navigator® member website.  Click here to display your online communication.(snip useless info) *** On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 10:43 PM, Benjamin Bryan>>Please send the contents … Continue reading “If you can’t handle email just send me a fax”

Making Free VoIP calls from your Android Phone

Rainy day, time to finish up this blog post. Raindrops coming down… So Eli and I did a little exploring of VoIP solutions and found four to enable free or low cost calling on phones with unlimited data plans (or over wifi).  I tested using the LG Optimus V from VM and the Droid Charge … Continue reading “Making Free VoIP calls from your Android Phone”

Apple’s Stock Hitachi Vs. Kingston SSDNow V+

This is why your next computer upgrade should be a SSD. I ran the following tests on Apple’s stock Hitachi 5400RPM 320GB: 1. Cold boot2. Logos passage guide on 1 Kings 8.3. Open IE from Windows 7 in Parallels “cold” boot.4. StarCraft II load 4v4 map with 7 AIs. I then replaced the hard drive … Continue reading “Apple’s Stock Hitachi Vs. Kingston SSDNow V+”