Apple’s Stock Hitachi Vs. Kingston SSDNow V+

This is why your next computer upgrade should be a SSD. I ran the following tests on Apple’s stock Hitachi 5400RPM 320GB: 1. Cold boot2. Logos passage guide on 1 Kings 8.3. Open IE from Windows 7 in Parallels “cold” boot.4. StarCraft II load 4v4 map with 7 AIs. I then replaced the hard drive … Continue reading “Apple’s Stock Hitachi Vs. Kingston SSDNow V+”

Who’s locking up those tables?

Here’s a simple query that reports SQL Server locks along with the program name, host, sql process id, and the user that went off to lunch in the middle of their transaction…  select * from sys.dm_tran_locks l join sys.dm_exec_sessions s on l.request_session_id = s.session_id join sys.sysobjects o on l.resource_associated_entity_id =

Fat Head

Just finished watching Fat Head (watch for free below, via Hulu). A few takeaways: The food pyramids are based on a congressional committee, not scientific research. Eating according to the food pyramid (low fat, high grains) will kill you. Whole grain bread will cause your blood sugar to spike more than eating raw sugar. Eating a lot of grains will … Continue reading “Fat Head”

Installing CrashPlan on OpenIndiana

CrashPlan is a great way to backup your ZFS server, here’s a quick install recipe for OpenIndiana: Download the Solaris CrashPlan client from here: Move the file to /var/spook/pkg then run…# sudo pkgadd (follow the prompts, do what’s obvious). Setup Crashplan service:# svccfg import /opt/sfw/crashplan/bin/crashplan.xml# svcadm enable crashplanObviously you’ll want to move the backupArchive … Continue reading “Installing CrashPlan on OpenIndiana”

If you can’t handle email just send me a fax

On Sat, May 28, 2011 at 10:01 AM, Aetna Notification>>New Communication on Aetna Navigator®Dear BENJAMIN,You have a new communication to view on your secure Aetna Navigator® member website.  Click here to display your online communication.(snip useless info) *** On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 10:43 PM, Benjamin Bryan>>Please send the contents … Continue reading “If you can’t handle email just send me a fax”


As of April 13, 2011 United States debt: $14,279,000,000,000.00United States Population: 310,383,000Debt per U.S. Resident: $46,000.00 California Debt: $368,502,000,000.00California Population: 37,555,000Debt per C.A. Resident: $9812.00 So, our family of three owes: $167,000.00 We don’t make that kind of money so the government will have to wait until Eli makes enough money to pay it off. … Continue reading “Debt”