Solaris 11, OpenIndiana, and NexentaStor benchmarks

Purpose: Determine fastest small NAS/SAN OS/Appliance software solution for home running under ESXi. Constraints: Candidates must support ZFS, be relatively stable (I narrowed down my candidate list by only choosing solutions that other people have used successfully), and be able to run CrashPlan for data protection. If you’re not familair with ZFS (Zettabyte File System), read … Continue reading “Solaris 11, OpenIndiana, and NexentaStor benchmarks”

Ben’s Banned Popcorn Recipe

You May Die From Eating This Please read about how bad coconut oil is from the liberal CSPI organization (linked removed because it’s dead) and learn all about the danger of Coconut Oil from Michelle Obama (link removed because it’s dead) and the CDC (link removed because it’s dead) before proceeding. The secret to great popcorn is coconut oil … Continue reading “Ben’s Banned Popcorn Recipe”

Setup Your Own ActiveSync Server With Zimbra and Z-Push

(Updated: June 8, 2013.  I’ve updated this post to clarify based on some questions I’ve received). For the clueless, ActiveSync is the protocol that allows you to sync your Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks with your messaging provider.  Your two options to have an ActiveSync server is through a cloud solution (e.g Gmail,, etc.) … Continue reading “Setup Your Own ActiveSync Server With Zimbra and Z-Push”

iPhone 4 Lawsuit Before 30 Day Return period?!

The iPhone 4 hasn’t been out 30 days and there’s already a class action lawsuit.  I agree with the reasoning below. I’ll tell you how absurd this is. When you buy the phone, you’ve got two weeks to 30 days to take it back and get your money back if it doesn’t work or if … Continue reading “iPhone 4 Lawsuit Before 30 Day Return period?!”

Christian Homeschooling Parents in Danger of Deportation: You Can Help

My readers from California will spot the irony in this… Over 73,000 Signers Support German Homeschooling Parents in Danger of Deportation Christian family seeking asylum; Obama wants to deport. Here’s a German family, the Romeikes, that believe in homeschooling their children, but in Germany that means jail-time and their children will probably be taken away. … Continue reading “Christian Homeschooling Parents in Danger of Deportation: You Can Help”

Taxonomy at Home

After reading the chapter on taxonomy governance in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Best Practices by Ben Curry and Bill English, I started thinking about my own personal taxonomy. Taxonomy is a division into groups or categories.  A good example is a Library’s Dewey Decimal Classification. Tagging has become a popular means of classification in blogging and … Continue reading “Taxonomy at Home”

Android, Affordable

My dream cell phone plan comes true.  The mobile provider targeted towards trendy-youth of all places has the best plan designed for mostly data usage.  $25/monthly for 300 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data.  A few days ago Virgin Mobile launched a new Android phone, the LG Optimus V (Optimus One).  LG’s strategy with this phone … Continue reading “Android, Affordable”